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Development of a support programme

A literature search and focus group interviews has been conducted in order to gather data to investigate what informal caregivers would find supportive in their everyday life. Further more a co-design process together with carers of persons with heart failure has been conducted. In addition, input from researchers, research evidence, experts within both medical and technical fields have and will guide what goes into the supportive aid being developed.

In relation to the question about sustainability there has been ongoing discussions about the hosting of the website. It is agreed that the website, at least during the test phase, will be situated within 1177, which is a Swedish national online e-health citizen information programme. The interactive website will therefor take the form of a support programme for carers of people with heart failure.

The support programme will contain modules with different themes such as “About heart failure” and “Where to get support” and will contain written information, videos, relevant links and reflective questions. As an end product, if carers find it useful, an action plan can be developed. This plan will entail reflective questions concerning what kind of support carers believe they need, and also information about where to turn for this support. The main goal with the support programme is to help carers become aware of themselves as carers and also about how this affect their life situation.

There is an ongoing work with the development of the different modules to be included in the support programme. Different experts will be invited to produce information for specific modules. To ensure a professional product, a graphic profile has been developed within the programme. This profile entails a logotype, and also information about fonts, and colors to be used in different media.

Beyond using the graphic profile for each module in the programme they will also be constructed in a similar manner and contain:

  • Text with information about the current issue
  • Videos with experts and carers on specific themes
  • Relevant links
  • Questions for reflection about the carers own situation

The action plan will be outlined, and will be presented as one module.

User trials with carers

During autumn 2018 carers will be asked to participate in user trials to test two of the modules in the programme, namely the Introduction module and the module About Heart failure. Think -aloud interviews and observations will be conducted to receive carers feedback about content, usability, design etc. After feedback and refinement the rest of the modules will be completed.

Update May 2018